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Welcome to Nkar Film Eye

Sri Lanka is an island that has emerged as a perfect destination for film locations and productions.

The Island has a wealth of resources and experiences to meet the most challenging cost effective demands of modern celluloid production.

Perhaps for those with limited awareness of Sri Lanka, this may not mean that much when it comes to available opportunities. But for those in the know it is the first and natural choice for the most discerning film producers and directors, and an enticing venue for the best of stars, who have come together to produce award winning films, blockbuster movies and many of the most talked of and enduring achievements of cinema in the past five decades.

As one of the leading production companies in Sri Lanka, we are happy to be your partner to manage the logistics and to offer the location of your choice in this beautiful island.

Nkar Film Eye acknowledges the fact that you are on the lookout for beautiful locations, support services and precise logistics management whilst searching for the impossible at times. As one of the most ancient and captivating counties in the world, Sri Lanka’s authenticity, diversity and compactness will help in managing shoots at multiple destinations in a short spell of time.

If you are searching for unique culture, breathtaking landscapes and palm fringed beaches with a backdrop of luscious green vegetation, then Sri Lanka will certainly catch your eye.


Nkar Film Eye is at your service for all round support. To keep in line with our branding, we have diverse and interesting sites with different landscapes scouted out for the potential film maker. Fascinating and variedly designed structural masterpieces and architecture are in our databases as well. Our experienced team in managing movies is at your disposal 24 x 7. We are a group of well versed locals in the industry who know how best to showcase your movie.

We have a combination of different brands under Nkar with a rich history of 36 years and take pleasure in employing over 100 staff whilst enjoying an annual business of US$ 15 Mn.

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Sri Lanka is where dreams come true in film locations!!!

Here is a wealth of resources and experience in to meet the most challenging demands of celluloid today

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