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Success in best seen in the work we have produced

Our search for the best locations comes with the tremendous experience of having worked on 46 films and 5 dramas of late Mr.Yasapalitha Nanayakkara, with the hunt spread through all parts of Sri Lanka and Kerala in India, too.

We have successfully scouted the best locations both in urban and rural Sri Lanka including its mountain terrain, wildlife filled jungles and sites rich in history. We provide backdrops for modern and historic films as well as those that need to showcase the harsh realities of life or the luxurious lifestyles of the past and present.

Our experience in film production in Sri Lanka can help you get the locations you seek irrespective of the culture or setting of your script. We can identify places to suit your needs whether the setting is in the past or present, be it religious or ritual, festive or celebratory. We can find locations that resemble those of foreign locales that need to be featured in the films made, be they features or documentaries, whether for cinema or video, for commercials or branding messages, sports or adventure… we provide a limitless range.

Well known names in the Sri Lanka film industry, Ranjeewa Nanayakkara and Lal Priyadeva, from time to time spend many weeks, maximizing the use of their artistic eye by shooting scenic sites and locations right around the island. These are used to constantly update our well stocked library of still shots and videos. Nkar Film Eye is thus able to present a range of location options for you to choose from..

This would help you to minimize the time spent scouting out locations and to manage the limited time more productively.

Nkar Film Eye is fully equipped and experienced to give you the location that has been scripted.